I started participating social media because I had a message, a message of kindness, compassion and well being. I now reach thousands of people on a daily basis through Instagram, and YouTube and I couldn't be more grateful.

 I made the decision to start living a healthier lifestyle about 6 years ago. I decided it was time I started to take better care of the body I was given. After countless hours of reading, watching documentaries/videos, I came to the conclusion that I was going to try out the vegan/plant-based lifestyle. I became increasingly passionate about the lifestyle over the first few years and decided I wanted to reach a large audience with the message to share my passion, and all the benefits the lifestyle had brought me. I started to create YouTube videos sharing my daily life and delicious vegan recipes, and people started to take notice.

I have now dedicated my life to spreading awareness, kindness, compassion, and providing people with the information necessary to start the plant based/vegan lifestyle.

I have completely changed my life in the past 6 years and I owe it all to this lifestyle. No more worries about calories, weight gain, or serious health problems. I feel better than I ever have, I am the fittest I've ever been, and most importantly I am the happiest I've ever been!

My ebook "The Wholesome Eats Cookbook" is a compilation of 100+ of my favorite "go-to" recipes I've tested and created over the past 6 years. My ultimate goal with this book and anything I do is to provide people with knowledge and examples of how being vegan or eating plant based can be easy, fun, tasty and... normal! I want people to fall back in love with food, cooking, and most of all nourishing their bodies.