Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos with Creamy Cashew Ranch

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I went head to head with Kyle on a "taco challenge" on my YouTube channel and this is my magical creation. I love cauliflower buffalo wings, so why not throw em' in a taco shell?! Spicy buffalo cauliflower pieces with crunchy romaine, avocado slices, and a creamy cashew sauce.



(Makes 6 tacos) 


✘ 1 head of cauliflower (cut into small florets)

✘ 3/4 cup buffalo sauce (I used Frank's Red Hot)

✘ 1/2 tsp garlic powder

✘ 1/4 tsp onion powder

✘ black pepper to taste

✘ 1/3 cup gluten-free breadcrumbs


✘ 6 corn tortillas

✘ shredded lettuce

✘ sliced avocado

✘ green onion and cilantro for topping


✘ 1 cup soaked cashews (soaked minimum 30 mins)

✘ 1 cup warm water

✘ 2 tsp apple cider vinegar

✘ 2 tsp garlic powder

✘ 1/2 tsp dried dill

✘ 1/4 tsp oregano

✘ 1 tsp each salt and pepper

✘ 2 tbsp lemon juice



1. Preheat oven to 425F.

2. In a large bowl combine chopped cauliflower, garlic powder, onion powder, and 1/2 cup of the buffalo sauce (reserving 1/4 cup for after cooking). Mix until the cauliflower is coated well in the sauce.

3. Toss the cauliflower in the breadcrumbs, and then evenly spread on a lined baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, turning half-way.


1. Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend on high until completely smooth.


1. Make the tacos by adding shredded lettuce, sliced avocado, the cooked buffalo cauliflower bites, and drizzling with the cashew sauce. Top with green onion and cilantro.

For the video tutorial see video below (YouTube: Maddie Lymburner):

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  • wow! the cashew sauce though.. mind=BLOWN. So good!!! This will be used for everything haha, thank you so much<3

    Ronja on
  • OMG the cashew sauce is AMAZING!!

    Cosima on
  • I just made your Creamy Cashew Sauce… I am OBSESSED!! Love it so much! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Thanks so much!!! ♥️

    Faith on
  • “Interesting is not a word I want you to use when describing my food!” This is the best quote/phrase I’ve heard all year lol. I’m going to say this to my dad every time he comments on my food when I am experimenting with new, vegan recipes! On another note, these tacos look sooooo delicious. I’m actually just about to make some, however, you’ve inspiring me to make them this way instead of the typical way with black beans and rice! Yum, yum, yum! I hope you and Kyle have been having a wonderful week/July so far!


    BeingIsabella on

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