June 15 2019
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Maddie Lymburner
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Stovetop Granola (Oil Free & Gluten Free)

Stovetop Granola (Oil Free & Gluten Free)
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Nicole - September 06 2019

This is my go-to breakfast recipe! It’s so delicious and full of protein! I always double this recipe to last me a few days and add sunflower seeds, almond butter, chia seeds, banana, berries, and soy milk.

Tracey Hewison - September 06 2019

This is fantastic, I just made my second batch. This is going to be a keeper for many years to come :-) I switch up the nuts and do sunflower seeds if I have no pepitas, still great every time :-)

Kimberly - September 06 2019

Quick, easy and oh so delicious!!

Hannah - September 06 2019

This recipe is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, my tastebuds are screaming!

maddy k - September 06 2019

this recipe is AMAZING!! I also added some popped rice and vegan chocolate chips. I have been obsessed with this recipe, definitely a must try.

Marie Godbold - July 26 2019

Oh i loss alot of weight with oat meal. Then i took pick pictures how will i send to you. Then i did chia seed pudding loss 23pounds

Damise - July 26 2019

This is so delicious! I brought this to work everyday for a week and my coworkers were asking me for the recipe left and right!


Wynter Noëlle - July 26 2019

I never thought about making my own “Cereal”. I’m going out to grab the ingredient today Maddie. Thanks for posting the “Recipe”.

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